Vertical Farming Innovations That Could Change Agriculture

It is actually the practice of food production that uses vertical farms or other spaces like in the warehouses or on top of buildings etc. Vertical farming is changing the way agriculture is carried out today with a lot of utilization of various things. Apart from the traditional conventional ways of agriculture vertical farming has many systems in place to change the bigger scope of agriculture.

There is a broad application of hydroponics today in agriculture. Growth takes place where there is no soil at all. Instead of plants growing in soil, they are grown in solutions which have nutrients to enhance growth. The chemical compositions of the nutrients used are checked often to ensure that plants get sufficient nutrients as they grow. To add on that the roots of the plants are submerged in the solution of nutrients.

Aeroponics is another innovation under vertical farming that was initiated to improve agriculture. Here plants are grown with little water and no soil. The idea was initiated with the many needs to try plant growth in spaces. Currently this innovation is undergoing research and improvement because it is showing a lot of interest. It is very efficient as it uses less percentage amount of water than the hydroponics. With Aeroponics there is a growth of plants in space.

To add on the above two innovations, aquaponics also comes in. Promotes the growth of plants and fish under one ecosystem. The technique is all about mutual growth, plants and fish mutually depend on each other for survival and sustainability. It works in a way that, fish in ponds are producing wastes which are nutrients for plants in the vertical farms. Likewise, plants play their part by purifying and filtering the wastewater in the ponds.

Lokal is also another idea in vertical farming. This system uses the hydroponic farming system. According to this innovation plants grow thrice faster than in other traditional gardens. The system is undergoing evolvement which will see it being monitored, controlled and maintained through the use of google homes or smartphones. Currently there is the use of machine learning to gather and analyze data from people using local to assess the productivity.

The innovation has worked well for people who grow crops in their own local mini farms. Lastly, we have the plants capers innovations. Crops are grown on top of a building to provide food for the residents. The innovation is linked with hydroponic farming while maximizing the use of vertical greenhouses to sustain plant growth. There are high maintenance and automation and harvest to keep costs low.

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